100 Day Project: 100 crocheted square patterns. Day Two: Part 2. 21 January 2019

100 Day Project: 100 crocheted square patterns. Day Two: Part 2. 21 January 2019


Part 2 of Day two, square two, of my 100 day project.

For 100 days I will be crocheting a different patterned square each day. Each of the squares will be joined to form a 10 x 10 square blanket. You can find all of the patterns that I am using on Pinterest by following my 100 Day Project board at You can also follow me on my blog site at

Today’s pattern was pinned from by someone else on Pinterest, but I have not been able to locate the origins of it. If you do know the original source of this pattern please let me know. The pin is on my 100 Day Project Board on Pinterest. Be aware that the chart appears to have been generated by copying and pasting flipped sections of the chart, so the symbols have been reversed on the final round. Not usually a problem except when the reversed symbol is for a Front Post Treble Crochet, which turns it into a Back Post Treble Crochet! I will say that it was a good thing that the chart also included a legend which definitely did not have any Back Post Treble crochets on it 🙂

This walkthrough ended up being substantially longer than I had anticipated, as the pattern contained some more difficult techniques to demonstrate, and I also had to join this square to the first, so I have divided it into three parts.

I have included timestamps below so that you can skip ahead if you want to.

Time stamps:

Part 1 – Rounds 1 to 3

Part 2 – Rounds 4 to 6

Round 4: 0:22
Round 5: 8:18
Round 6: 18:33

Part 3 – Connecting the Squares with a join as you go braid stitch [in process of editing, will add times when I have them]


Music: Busy shoes
Musician: InShot

I hope you enjoy the videos, and forgive my numerous blunders.


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