Chill & Crochet || Thin Blue Line  flag blanket c2c

Chill & Crochet || Thin Blue Line flag blanket c2c


Tonight we will be chill, and we will crochet a c2c thin blue line flag blanket as we discuss the future of this channel. I’d love to get to know yall better!

Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick was murdered by a capitol rioter. I have reached out to the organizer of Brian Sicknick’s GoFundMe to see if there is a way to donate this blanket to his family. I am still waiting to hear back, but if you have a few dollars to give, I’m sure they would appreciate it.

David Dorn was murdered last summer while trying to defend a friend’s store from BLM rioters and looters. I’ve also reached out to the organizer of his fundraiser to see if I can get a blanket to his family as well.

How to crochet:

Thin Blue Line Graph Pattern:
American Flag Graph Pattern:

Logo by Alan:

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Items used:
Size I-9 hook
Yarn Bee Soft Secret in White, black, and navy

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