Classic Granny Square - Beginner Crochet Lesson 6 - Left Handed (CC)

Classic Granny Square – Beginner Crochet Lesson 6 – Left Handed (CC)


Lesson 6 in the Beginner How to Crochet Series is the Classic Granny Square. Learn the traditional method of making a never ending Granny Square with plenty of tips to help you along the way. This video is just for you lefties to see the proper perspective!

This classic granny can be made in small squares and crocheted together to make a variety of projects or just keep crocheting for one big granny blanket. For more info see my blog:

For the Right-Handed Classic Granny crochet video visit –

See all the basic stitches on the GKK blog for this How To Crochet series: ‎

How to Wet Block your work

HOOK – I used a Furls Odyssey 5.5 mm (size I) hook in this video series. (aff. link)

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