Crochet Crop top

Crochet Crop top


Granny stitch Croptop

The idea with this crop top is from the granny square shorts Tutorial of Duda Betiato.

Thanks and Happy Crochet.

Hook Size 3.5mm
Yarn: Acrylic Medium thickness

Round 1: Chain 4, slipstitch to 1st chain.
Chain3(counts as 1st DC), Double crochet 2x, chain2, Double Crochet 3x.
Repeat the instruction until you complete 4 set of 3Double crochets and 4x Chain 2. On the last chain 2 slipstitch it at the top of Chain 3 or 1st DC we made.

Round 2: Chain 4, Double Crochet 3x,Chain2, Double Crochet 3x into the Chain2 space. Chain1 and Repeat the first instruction until you have 3 sets. Double crochet 1x at the top of last DC on the previous row.

Round 3: Chain4 and turn your work.
*Double Crochet 3x,chain2, Double Crochet 3x into the Chain2 space.* Chain 1, Double Crochet 3x into the chain1 space.
Repeat the instructions until you are done with your last set of double crochets into the last Chain2 space. Chain1 and double crochet at the top of 3rd stitch that we made in the beginning.

Just continue and follow the instructions by: Repeating the sets of double crochet on chain2 spaces and Double Crochet 3x on chain 1 space until you reach your desired measurements of your bust. Since we are working two panels we need to devide the bust size into two.

To continue on the lower side,turn your work upside down and start on either left or right.

Round 1:

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