Crochet Sleeveless Turtleneck w. Fringe | Pattern & Tutorial DIY

Crochet Sleeveless Turtleneck w. Fringe | Pattern & Tutorial DIY


I’m a sucker for all things fall so making this easily layered fringe sweater vest was a no brainer! Loving the stylish base it can add to any outfit. Who would you make this for? Let me know!

0:00 | Intro
0:46 | Tools
1:40 | Front Panel – Chest
3:05 | Alpine
10:18 | SC Around Alpine
12:12 | Front Panel – Under Arm
15:00 | Front Panel – DEC down ALP
16:27 | Front Panel – Middle Row
16:52 | Front Panel – INC up ALP
18:38 | Front Panel – Under Arm
19:48 | Back – Under Arm
20:53 | Back – Body
22:05 | Back – Under Arm
23:22 | Seam – Sides
25:15 | Shoulder
29:27 | Turtleneck
33:07 | Seam – Turtleneck
33:54 | SC Across Bottom
34:37 | Fringe

Tools Used:
Hook Link:
Caron Simply Soft (Grey Heather):
Pattern Link:
Pattern Shop:

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