Crochet Tutorial | Granny Square Cardigan

Crochet Tutorial | Granny Square Cardigan


Hello! My name is Adrienne. 🙂 I am 22 years old and from Canada, and I started crocheting in March of 2020.
Welcome to my first crochet tutorial!
I love granny squares, and I think they are great projects for beginners!
I would consider this pattern beginner friendly, although the video tutorial is not very as I am missing footage for a few things such as slip stitching to join, in which I will link a video showing in detail how to do this:

This video did not come out as clean as I wanted it to, I apologize, I am new to making tutorials and will work on creating more clear content. I am currently working another granny square project, with a different seaming method and edging. It is a granny square jumper, and I will include footage more in depth of my process, if you are interested in seeing a tutorial for that please let me know in the comments. 🙂

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Love, Adge

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