Crochet Tutorial - Granny Square Poncho - PART 2 of 'Cool Blue Summer'

Crochet Tutorial – Granny Square Poncho – PART 2 of 'Cool Blue Summer'


Hi! In this crochet tutorial (Part 2) I show you how to crochet the body and the border of the Granny Square Poncho – ‘Cool Blue Summer’. Last week (Part 1) I showed you how to make the yoke and the neckline. I wear it as a short sleeved cardigan in summer!

PLEASE NOTE: (US Crochet Terms is used in ALL my crochet tutorials)

The yarn for this tutorial was bought at Estie – craft shop :
Physical Address: 8 Gladstone Street, Durbanville,7550
IG: @estie_craft_shop
Facebook: @estiecraftshop Their staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and ready to assist! Love the setup of their shop. They also have an online yarn store.

I used 400g of Eco-Cotton. I used 4 colours and needed 100g of each colour (2x 50g as it only comes in 50g with 125m per 50g cake).

SIZING OF THE PONCHO: Suggestion. If you find that 6 squares are too small for a yoke and 8 squares are too big, try adding one round to each square, thus making the actual square a bit bigger. Everything I show you in this tutorial is the same, whether the squares are bigger or smaller does not change what I’m showing you.


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