Granny Square Blanket Crochet Along Part 4 - Adding your 2nd set of 8 squares

Granny Square Blanket Crochet Along Part 4 – Adding your 2nd set of 8 squares


Welcome to Wow! Crochet and today’s tutorial is our very first CAL (Crochet Along) Blanket – Part 4. Adding/joining your second – 8 squares to your blanket. In this video I have shown you how to add 2 of your next colour. like our 3rd tutorial all you need to do is repeat this stitch for the remaining 6 squares. Do not cut your yarn. Just put your project aside and continue onto the next step of our blanket. As mentioned in this tutorial, wash and block your next 8 squares. See link below for the washing and blocking step. Whilst your next 8 squares are blocking. Crochet your next 8 squares of your 4th colour. See links below on how to crochet your granny square, washing/blocking your granny squares and how to join your first set of 8. I will return in 8 days to join the 3rd, set of 8 squares to this set. Clink on links below for details of previous tutorials for this blanket.

Introduction music by Andrew Demetriou –

See Link below for details of the blanket.

Joining your first 8 squares –

Blocking the first 8 Granny Squares for your Granny Square Blanket – Part 2. –

Making your granny squares – Granny Square Blanket Crochet Along – Part 1- Granny Square –

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Stitches used for your square
Magic Ring/Cirle/Loop:-
How to Make a chain stitch :-
How to do a Double Crochet: –

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If you want to make a gorgeous Cowl click on this link – Cowl – Half Double Crochet in the 3rd Loop –

Practice stitch for the cowl –

Following are links to our scrap yarn projects which we will use to make a bag.

The Stash-buster Granny Square –

Stashbusting Solid Granny Square :-

Stashbusting Crochet Granny Circle Part 1 –

Crochet Granny Circle Part 2 –

Stashbusting Crochet Granny Rectangle –

Stashbusting Crochet Granny Rectangle –

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