Graphghan Series- Reading A Graph

Graphghan Series- Reading A Graph


In this video show how to read a graphghan graph.

I also discuss graphs vs written instructions.

Then we browse the internet looking for graphs.

Also check out the other videos in this series. Links will be posted as they come available.

Video 1- What is a graphghan?

Video 2- Graphs. How to read them and where to find them.

Video 3- Bobbins. What are they and why should you use them?

Video 4- Adding/dropping color and color changes.

Video 5- Watch me crochet a small graphsquare. I will explain as I go.

Where do I get my graphs? I am not affiliated with any of these groups or sites. I do not receive reimbursement for promoting these sites.

Search “Graphghan” and click on groups. There are quite a few out there.

A place for free graphs is the group (Free-for-all Graphghans)


There are more out there.

Google, Pintrest, Etsy, Ravelry are also your friends.

Becca (She makes most of mine for me)

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