How To Crochet A Blanket For Absolute Beginners The Rainbow Blanket

How To Crochet A Blanket For Absolute Beginners The Rainbow Blanket


Looking for an easy crochet stitch that will make a beautiful blanket? This is my GO-TO stitch. It’s one of the easiest stitches you can use that will work up a fast blanket and create a gorgeous textured look. Plus! It’s repetitive so once you see the pattern working you don’t even have to count anymore!!! Which also makes this a very relaxing project because you can just move and don’t even have to think. I use this stitch for many different projects such as scarfs, purses, and, well, almost anything. Like I said, it’s my Go-To. I hope you enjoy this stitch also! This stitch really shines when paired with a yarn that has multiple colors and you want the colors of the yarn to steal the show.

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Check Out New Size Chart and Yarn Skein Amount Chart Added At the Bottom

-You can use any yarn with this crochet stitch! Seriously, from very thin thread to a Super Bulky yarn. It works great.
The Yarn I am using in this tutorial is “Yarn Bee Sugarwheel Cotton Sparkle Twirls At Twilight”. Found at Hobby Lobby. (I used 9 skeins of this particular yarn to finish this blanket)

*****The blanket that I finished with in this video measured out to be 40 inches wide x 48 inches long*****

-Crochet Hook Size will depend on the yarn weight you are working with. If you are not sure what needle you need just look at the label of your yarn. You will see a section that will tell you what crochet needle they recommend be used with the yarn. In my tutorial I am using a crochet hook size H/8-5.00mm.

-Fabric Glue that dries Clear and Flexibly


-Measuring Tape

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Chain to desired length (Refer to blanket sizes below. Use Measuring Tape)

Row 1: Double Crochet in the second chain from your crochet hook. Double Crochet in each space across. Chain 2, turn.

Row 2-Desired Height: Front Post Double Crochet (FPDC) over the first Double Crochet, Back Post Double Crochet (BPDC) over the second Double Crochet, then Repeat FPDC, then BPDC, then FPDC, then BPDC until you reach the end. Chain 2, turn. (Looking at the row below, if the stitch looks like it’s a Front Post Double Crochet then do the opposite, a Back Post Double Crochet. And Vis-Versa. If, in the row below, the stitch looks like it was a Back Post Double Crochet, then do a Front Post Double Crochet. This will cause the work to look woven.

[Refer to my video tutorial if my description was unclear for you]

When you have reached your desired length simply cut off your yarn and pull the yarn through the loop to create a slip knot that will tie off your work.

Helpful Charts:

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