How to Crochet a Granny Square Sweater for XS Size Dogs Tutorial

How to Crochet a Granny Square Sweater for XS Size Dogs Tutorial


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Today’s project, we are making my latest XS sweater. I call it the “Neapolitan Fur Baby Granny Square Sweater” because the colors reminded me of the ice cream “Neapolitan” never heard of it or tried the ice cream? YOU MUST! It’s delicious. I must say I have craved it ever since I made this little sweater 🙂

About this tutorial: this is made for an XS pet. This can be used for dogs/cats/ bunnies, or even smaller pets that may be this size. I’ve even had people write me and tell me they use my sweaters for their pet lambs or for their baby calfs. Super cute!

The measurements on this sweater: 9″ long, neck is adjustable to fit ANY size neck. The width: 8″ wide (has great coverage)

You can also make this for a 1-3 lb pet as well that range from 1-3 lbs, to do so; make a granny square and place that granny square over your pet to make sure it covers their sides, and have a great length for their back. After that, work around the granny square piece as many times with some single crochets (as much as you want), create a strap for their sides, and chest. Then create a band for collar as thick/thin as you want, working it horizontally. Of course, make sure your sew on your buttons to your work as well! Then tuck in your ends and you are finished.

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