How To Crochet The LoLiLo Square | An Overlay Crochet Granny Square Tutorial

How To Crochet The LoLiLo Square | An Overlay Crochet Granny Square Tutorial


Join both Tess (from us at @SistersInStitch) and Ilse (from @MyCroshed) in this overlay crochet granny square video tutorial.

Tess (Therese Eghult) and Ilse (Ilse Beulens) had Sweden meet Belgium and together they created this wonderful crochet design; shaping every other round whilst having a blast and many many late night laughs between two friends sitting on the opposite side of an ocean.

“Friends are never apart, maybe at distance but never at heart”

This highly textured yet calm square makes a perfect base for crochet makes such as pillows, blankets, book covers; or why not a wall hanging? 

You’ll find the written pattern, inspirational pictures, other colorways and much more over at our homepage:

We wish you lots of fun, happy crocheting!

Tess & Ilse

We Are All: SistersInStitch

Scroll to the bottom to find clickable links (the Quick Clicks) for each round to make it easy for you to navigate.

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Quick Clicks
Materials 1:50

Round 1 02:40
Round 2 04:12
Round 3 07:13
Round 4 09:16
Round 5 10:21
Round 6 13:09
Round 7 15:10
Round 8 18:21
Round 9 21:05
Round 10 23:17
Round 11 27:29
Round 12 31:32
Round 13 39:12
Round 14 45:09
Round 15 51:59
Round 16 59:02
Round 17 01:03:38
Round 18 01:12:26
Round 19 01:18:26
Round 20 01:26:10

Final thoughts 01:30:06

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