How to Crochet Willow Granny Square | Slow & Clear Tutorial in US Terms

How to Crochet Willow Granny Square | Slow & Clear Tutorial in US Terms

How to Crochet Willow Granny Square a Slow, Clear and easy to follow Video Tutorial in US Terms.
With this easy and detailed video tutorial, You will learn exactly how to crochet these beautiful Willow granny squares, that you can put together into a beautiful retro style blanket, a bag, a sweater or something completely different.
There are countless options for beautiful projects that you can make with these beautiful Willow granny squares.
The Willow granny square is one the more advanced granny squares to make, but with this very easy ans slow demonstration, even a beginner can follow along.
The pattern is crocheted in double crochet stitches, single crochet stitches, chains, and slip stitches. I will show all of these types of stitches slowly and in detail in this video so everyone can join.
Come along and get inspired for your next creative project 🙂

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0:00 Introduktion
0:21 Materials
0:37 How to make a Slipknot
0:52 Chain 4.
1:09 How to join with slip stitch
1:31 Start round 1.
3:08 End of round 1.
3:38 Start round 2.
5:25 End of round 2.
5:43 Start round 3.
8:27 End of round 3.
8:47 Start round 4.
13:48 End of round 4.
14:09 Start round 5.
23:38 End of round 5.
23:53 Start round 6.
29:14 End of round 6.
29:44 Start round 7.
35:10 End of round 7.
35:23 Fasten off the yarn
35:48 Project done!

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