Jackob’s Ladder Stitch Crochet Tutorial for Beginners in English

Jackob’s Ladder Stitch Crochet Tutorial for Beginners in English


Free Crochet pattern for Jackob’s Ladder Stitch. This is a very easy to follow crochet tutorial for extreme beginners. If you know how to do slipknot, chains, single crochet and double crochet you can master this crochet stitch.
Hi, thanks for visiting my channel. I am Fahmina. I am an accountant by profession and a crochetier by passion! I share easy crochet tutorials in English and Bengali. Some of my crochet projects include 3d flowers, tapestry crochet, mosaic crochet, granny squares, various crochet stitches and basic crochet techniques to intermediate level crochet techniques. I hope you will enjoy crochet along CAL with me.
I am also a pattern writer; I mostly write mosaic crochet patterns / graphs. You will find all my written patterns here:
কুশিকাটার কাজ শিখুন।

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