Joining Squares Idea in Crochet | Zigzag Slip Stitch Method | Embroidery Inspired

Joining Squares Idea in Crochet | Zigzag Slip Stitch Method | Embroidery Inspired


How to join a crocheted granny squares in zigzag slip stitch method. This join is tight, flat & has a nice & neat seam in both sides even when stretch, very easy and it works fast.

Time lapse: How to join in the middle. First middle line at 4:01 and 7:33 the final join in the middle.

If the video is too fast or slow: click the video settings or the 3 dots & set to your desired playback speed.

Journey of this join: I was trying different join from single crochet, slip stitch in both loops or inside loops slip stitch. For these three joins, For me , I like the look of the slip stitch inside loops but its holey when stretch(my opinion only). Then sewing method came to mind. I was searching sewing stitches then embroidery stitch called Cable plait stitch showed up. It looks so neat. I was excited trying it using tapestry needle but ended cutting the yarn because It didn’t work(was hard to rip it off and re done it). Then I was focusing on just using a crochet hook only because it’s easy to rip it off when you get mistake & I used the cable plait stitch as an inspiration. After trying several times inserting hook in different loops: Zigzag slip stitch join finally made. And I am happy to share. Thank you so much.

I used US terms crochet stitches.

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