The Lotsa Stitches Temperature Blanket 2021 CAL

The Lotsa Stitches Temperature Blanket 2021 CAL


Join me for this fun CAL (crochet along)
The Lotsa Stitches Temperature Blanket is a year long project which records the daily temperature in the colours of your blanket, but which also teaches you one new feature stitch each week. So that’s 52 feature stitches you can learn as you make you blanket.

What will you need to make this blanket?
– an H hook. 5.00mm
-worsted weight yarn. I went with ten colours. Start with around 200gms of each colour to begin with and top up as you need it.
-paper or cardboard to organize your colours and create you temperature gauge chart along side your colours for easy reference.

The blanket is made in eight strips (6.5” wide by 60” long ) which will be joined at the end to complete your 52”x 60” throw blanket. (Approx).

Each week I’ll be updating you with the new weeks pattern and feature stitch here on you tube.

Week 1 Pattern tutorial

Week 2. Pattern Tutorial

I’ll also be sharing it on my blog.

Please do join my Facebook group where fellow participants will be gathered and you can share your progress and discuss any questions that may arise.

Also please feel free to follow me on Instagram and share your Lotsa Stitches Temperature Blanket’s progress there and don’t forget to tag me so I can see your photos.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments.
I can’t wait to get this started.

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