TLC Blanket Part 3 - RIGHT HANDED -  Learn to Crochet

TLC Blanket Part 3 – RIGHT HANDED – Learn to Crochet


Learn to crochet by making the TLC blanket. Available in English (US Terminology) in both right and left handed video tutorials, as well as Dutch video tutorials.

Find all information about TLC Blanket here:

Left handed version of this video:

Yarn clippers:

Stitch markers:

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Jump to the row you need
Row 30 0:40
Row 31 5:04
Row 32 8:56
Row 33 12:49
Row 34 13:25
Row 35 13:59
Row 36 14:24
Row 37 14:47
Row 38 15:11
Row 39 17:04
Yarn tails 18:53
Size 20:59


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