Unit 11 #5 - Dr. Who Fez in C2C by Karen

Unit 11 #5 – Dr. Who Fez in C2C by Karen


September is Members’ Month!
We have handed the design part of this month, over to our Facebook members, for their wonderful creations. We will be bringing you squares, amigurumi, C2C, and projects for you and your home! We are excited!

Today’s design of this Dr. Who Fez C2C, is by Karen.

As we have provided C2C tutorials before, both here and in the 2018 Granny Square CAL, we will be providing you with links to those tutorials and how to’s. See below.

For the graph and written instructions on how to create a C2C graph, please see Karen’s file in our Facebook group:

Intro to using graphs:

Intro to C2C:

Basic C2C:

C2C Paw Print:

More of members designs can be found on the playlist here:

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Happy Hooking!
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