Block Stitch Border Crochet | Plus How to do a Picot Stitch [Easy!]

Block Stitch Border Crochet | Plus How to do a Picot Stitch [Easy!]

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In this video, I share how to do an easy Block Stitch Border which is perfect for any granny style project. Since this is so easy, I decided to add a Picot stitch tutorial in case you want to add a little more pizazz to your border.

Time Stamps:
00:00 Intro
00:47 Before We Start
01:38 Row 1 – Granny Clusters
02:56 Join Area – 2 Options for Clusters
05:05 Corners
06:00 Fastening Off
7:06 Row 2- SC spikes
08:55 Row 3 – Adding Clusters in Chain 3 Spaces
10:05 Picot Stitch
13:42 Outro and links to related videos

This is the border I decided to use (not including the picot) on my Sunburst Granny Blanket. If you would like to make this yourself, here are links and details to get you started :

How to Crochet a Sunburst Granny Square

Join as You Go First 4

Blanket Details:
Blanket size 3′ x 4′ FT throw
Each square is 4×4 inches
108 squares total (width 9 squares, height 12 squares)
12 skeins of yarn used (218 yrds in each skein)
Total yardage for this blanket (not including border) 2,484 yards

The border only added 1.5 inches to the overall blanket size. I did 4 rows total.

Lion Brand Yarn- Feels Like Butta
FYI- These are big skeins holding 590 yards of yarn which would be the equivalent of 3 small ones (218 yards each)

Sage, White, Buttercup, Blossom Ice ,Sea Foam

Hook: 3.75 mm

Boye Ergonomic Hook 3.75mm

Clover Amour

For Weaving in Ends I love :
Susan Bates Finishing Needles

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Chain (chn) is the same for both
US single (sc) = UK double crochet (dc)
US half double (hdc) = UK half treble (htr)
US double (dc)= UK treble (tr)
US triple (treble) (tr) = UK double treble (dtr)
US double triple (treble) (dtr)= UK triple treble (trtr)


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