Crochet 3D Daisy Flower Granny Square 🌼 | Unicorn Dreams Blanket CAL | Crochet Square Tutorial

Crochet 3D Daisy Flower Granny Square 🌼 | Unicorn Dreams Blanket CAL | Crochet Square Tutorial

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How to Crochet the Daisy Flower Granny Square for the Unicorn Dreams Blanket CAL ( Crochet Along) This adorable crochet pastel traditional granny square been designed by Lisa from CuteCrochetMakes. This is a beautiful 3D textured square, with lots of lovely petals! This crochet square is TURNED each row to keep it perfectly square and the daisy uses front and back post stitches.

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🦄 CuteCrochetMakes website where you will find the downloadable written pattern, yarn information and everything else you may need:

Unicorn Dreams Blanket Crochet Along PLAYLIST:

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🕗 TIMESTAMPS – jump to the section you need

Pattern starts at 1:54
Round 1 at 3:09
Round 2 (How to TURN your granny square) at 5:19
Round 3 at 7:46
Rounds 4, 5 & 6 at 10:16
Round 7 at 12:18
Round 8 at 14:42

🌼 Crochet Daisy
Starts at 17:11
Round 2 at 18:49
Round 3 at 21:35
Round 4 at 22:59
Round 5 at 26:48

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