Crochet a heart shaped top with granny squares

Crochet a heart shaped top with granny squares

Hey, welcome back to go sewly. Today we’re mixing inspirations from HayHay Crochet’s vest with Jayda Institches’ heart shaped granny squares to make a cute top! Please give their channels a look and a like, and scroll down here for more info on how to make this crochet top.

HayHay Crochet’s vest tutorial:

Jayda InStitches heart granny squares:

0:00 Crochet a vest
1:00 Crochet heart granny squares
1:45 joining the squares
2:26 Measuring the band
3:15 crochet the front
3:51 Changing colors for the big heart
5:03 heart shape
6:28 crochet back
7:19 straps
8:10 final look

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Decay Tower – roljui


I am using a size 5 hook with a grade 4, medium weight yarn.

My granny square band fits a 28”-30” rib cage.

If you need to add a granny square to the band, simply follow the steps for the front side of the pattern for both the front and back. If you need to add two squares to the band, follow the pattern as usual. You may need to add rows to lengthen the torso and straps, and if you are larger busted you may need to keep the band open on one side for a corset-style closure.

Follow the tutorial by JaydaInStitches to crochet a granny square heart. Make 5 of these, then join them by slip stitching together through the back loops only, right sides together. Wrap these squares around your torso to check their fit. They need to stretch enough that you can easily pull them on and take them off.

FRONT: Slip stitch into the first corner space of the top of your granny square. Chain 1, then insert three double crochets into the first ch1 space. Repeat across, ending with 3dc into the final ch1 space. This should equal an odd number of crochet shells (13 for the orignal size).

For the next 11 rows, you will make granny square stitches. Basically, you are working 3dc into each ch1 space, ch1, 3dc into the next ch1 space across. On rows where you reach the end and there is not a ch1 space to finish in, make your regular ch1 and dc into the final stitch of the previous row. Turn, ch 3, and 2dc into the same space before continuing.

At row 3, complete 6 of your dc shells. Change colors (fasten off, sl st new color in place), ch1 and make a new shell of 3dc into the next space. This should be the center of your vest. In the following rows, you will work in two red shells, three red shells, four red shells, five red shells, four red shells, four red shells, and finally two red shells. Crochet the final three rows as usual.

The back is the same granny square row method as the front, starting from the corner of one granny square and ending at the edge of the second (or more for larger sizes). I admit, I started with 10 shells across and decreased to 9 halfway up (at row 6).

It may be easier to work back-to-front for measuring purposes.
I started at the front with a slip stitch into a dc shell, ch 3, then 3dc into the next ch1 space. Ch1, 3dc into next ch 1 space, then ch 1 and work a dc into the top of the next dc shell. Turn, then granny square crochet across to make as many rows as needed. Mine resulted in 14 rows, crocheting into the ch 1 spaces of the back to finish off.

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