Crochet Corner to Corner C2C Granny Square

Crochet Corner to Corner C2C Granny Square

Learn how to crochet a Corner to Corner Granny Square with me! In this video I show you step by step how to crochet the C2C Granny Square (how to increase and decrease your corner to corner granny square) AND how to crochet a border for joining your squares into a blanket. C2C Granny Squares have a tendency to flare and not sit squarely HOWEVER a tiny tweak to the traditional method solves this issue and I will show you how to make beautifully SQUARE squares 😅

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🧶 Yarn & Hook information:
Ice Yarn Lana Bella with a 5mm Hook

Joining Yarn for Squaring off is Ice Yarn Softly Baby with a 5mm Hook (in either white or black)



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Slip Stitch Join As You Go Method:

🕘 TIMESTAMPS – jump to the section you need immediately!

0:00 Crochet C2C Granny Square
1:42 Corner to Corner Granny Square begins
3:39 Row 2 (increase row)
5:07 Row 3 (increase row)
6:38 Row 4 PATTERN REPEAT ROW for Increasing
8:38 How to Continue Increasing
8:58 Pattern Repeat Recap

11:17 How to Count How Many Rows You Have

11:50 Corner to Corner Granny Square DECREASE Begins
14:28 Row 2 PATTERN REPEAT ROW for Decreasing (decrease row)
16:27 Pattern Repeat Recap for How to Decrease your C2C Granny Square
19:21 How to Finish Your C2C Granny Square

21:08 C2C Granny Square Crochet Border
25:10 First Corner of Border Row
26:30 Second Side of Border Row
27:18 Second Corner of Border Row
28:00 3rd Side of Border Row
28:55 3rd Corner of Border Row
29:43 Final Side of Border Row
30:32 How to Finish Off Your Crochet Border


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Snufflebean Yarn – UK based, ships worldwide

Ice Yarn

LoveCrafts (grab your Stylecraft Special DK and American branded yarns here!)

My Amazon Storefront (all the products I use!)


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