Crochet easy V neck granny square jacket [3] English tutorial : Free written pattern Yarnspirations

Crochet easy V neck granny square jacket [3] English tutorial : Free written pattern Yarnspirations

The materials are written in the pattern, and I also explained about them in this video.
However, I recommend to increase square motifs of XL, 2XL and 3XL according to the given sizes.
If you prefer to do that, please watch this video and my future video to check the details, and furthermore, you may need less main color yarn and more contrast color yarn to increase the motifs.

Also, I read about many negative reviews of this pattern, because there are no information about the joining motifs and forming procedure, so I focused on this point in this video.
I have explained very detailed with slow demonstration.

Free PDF written pattern

Materials of the thumbnail are also available (Jan. 2022)

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This video has been explained and interpreted by Susanna in her own words, and also has been re-explained in an easy-to-understand manner so that viewers can easily knit with crochet hooks and needles. We teach both visually and audibly while demonstrating the actual knitting method. Furthermore, by adding the original minor arrangement, the degree of perfection of the work is further enhanced. Also, in the video, there are many hints and advice from Susanna’s unique point of view, including the explanation column, blog, and comment section here.

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