Crochet Granny Kaleidoscope|| Granny Kaleidoscope Series: Part 2

Crochet Granny Kaleidoscope|| Granny Kaleidoscope Series: Part 2

Hey guys, this video is the continuation of my last video where we worked the basic kaleidoscope pattern, in this video I’m showing you guys how you can make it further, the pattern is mostly the same as last time but since we have more spaces to work with this time the pattern gets a little different.

In the end of the video I showed you guys a cheat method to make you work go fast and save quite some time. I managed to make a bedspread with this pattern in record time using that cheat method. Its actually very simple technique and if guys had worked on it for a few times you must have got it too.

After I’m done making all the blocks I’m gonna show you guys what I originally planned to make with this. Although there is a chance the next video might be a little late.

I’d received a couple of urgent orders which I have to deliver before the 28th of this month so I’m working on them first. Granted they’re not huge, on the contrary, they’re small and intricate so It’s gonna take me some time.

I’ll try to wrap them up as soon as I can, I can’t leave you guys hanging.
Thank you guys for your support and love.
See you guys soon

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