Crochet Off The Shoulder Granny Square Crop Top | Tutorial DIY

Crochet Off The Shoulder Granny Square Crop Top | Tutorial DIY

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Come one, come all to the scrappiest scrap yarn project of all! This was equal parts fun and frustrating to do (Fun cause of the colors. Frustrating cause of the sleeves) but I seriously couldn’t be happier with how this came out! We still got a decent amount of scrap yarn left in the collection so how about a matching granny square maxi dress to match this off the shoulder granny square crop top perhaps? 🤔 Leave a thumbs up on this video if you like that idea! 😈

Tools Used:
Hook Link:
All the yarns and scrap yarns that I had in my collection. They are all acrylic yarn and are all from different brands, such as: Lion Brand, Red Heart, Caron, Bernat and more.
If you see a color that you specifically like leave a comment and i’ll get the link directly to you! 😁

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