Granny Square Along - Let's Get Started!!

Granny Square Along – Let's Get Started!!

Hello and welcome to the Granny Square Along! We are starting today!
Come along and have some fun with me this summer celebrating the humble and yet beautiful Granny Square three different ways:)
All summer I’ll be adding to my crochet tutorials that I have already done and I’ll be showing you different ways to use your granny squares…lots of fun projects!
I’m also hosting a quilt along using my second quilt book called
“Great Granny Squared” where you can make the quilt on the cover or any project in the book…I happen to be making a scrappy granny quilt using the 6″ blocks in the book.
And last but not least I have a freebie cross stitch for you that I designed for a summer of Granny Square stitchy fun:)
I can’t wait to see what you all will be doing so….
Please use the hashtag #GrannySquareAlong when sharing on your social media so that we can all see your progress.
It’s time to grab your Chunky Thread Yarn, crochet hooks and notions.
Let’s get started!
I hope you enjoy this introduction video of my Granny Square Along…please leave me a comment to let me know how you are participating:)

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Colors I used for my cross stitched and crochet Granny Squares in this video:
Top left granny –
DMC – 930 – 504 – 347 – 320
Chunky Thread – Denim – Songbird – Riley Red – Leaf

Top right granny –
DMC – 347 – 676 – 3816 – 760
Chunky Thread – Cayenne – Beehive – Breezy – Lipstick

Bottom left granny –
DMC – 729 – 3814 – 989 – 07
Chunky Thread – Butterscotch – Jade – Riley Green – Pebble

Bottom right granny –
DMC – 08 – 471 – 06 – 597
Chunky Thread – Raisin – Spring Green – Linen – Riley Aqua

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Things in this video designed by Lori Holt and produced & distributed by Riley Blake Designs:

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