Granny Square Bandana Crochet Pattern

Granny Square Bandana Crochet Pattern

Learn how to make a crochet granny square bandana scarf in this step by step tutorial and free pattern!

Granny square accessories are super trendy right now, and this headband or scarf is the perfect DIY to add some crochet flair to your wardrobe.

You could also make this headband with a different type of granny square, like a daisy square or a heart square, to get a different look!

The bandana ends up about 22″ across from corner to corner, and 10″ deep. The straps are approx. 11″ long.


▶︎ Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn: (I used “I Love This Cotton” because it’s what I had on hand, but KnitPicks Dishie is my preferred choice)
– Color A (Coral) – 1 skein
– Color B (Teal) – 1 skein
– Color C (Navy) – 1 skein
▶︎ 5 mm crochet hook:
▶︎ yarn needle:
▶︎ scissors:

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