GRANNY Square HUGE single granny blanket how to for beginners on granny square blankets

GRANNY Square HUGE single granny blanket how to for beginners on granny square blankets

GRANNY Square HUGE single granny blanket how to for beginners on granny square blankets.

Granny squares are so much fun and you can just KEEP GOING to make the biggest and best granny square blanket ever! No need to stop and stitch and crochet the squares together unless you want to.

Everyone things they need to just have a bunch of granny squares, but seriously., it looks great to just a have one large square as your blanket.

Any size crochet hook and any size yarn will work. It’s your choice and have fun!!!!!

Granny squares can be made from scraps and if you are doing one huge granny square you can simply switch yarns and if you need a how to video on switching yarns I have many on my LorisHandyWork on YouTube.
I also have lots of projects that I create on LorisHandyWork on YouTube and I also sell (started to anyway) some of my creations at LorisHandyWork on etsy. I simply go to craft bizarres or craft fairs but I’m trying my luck at the online platform to see how that does. However, shipping is a precarious thing because people want cheap shipping, cheap cost, but awesome product… not an easy task!

Granny square blankets are fun and relaxing and just require the same repetitious stitching over and over and just be sure that you do double the corners or you will lose a granny square corner in the process.

Granny squares expand as you add each row and you need to remember to do two set of the double crochets in the corners in order to keep that going or it won’t be SQUARE as a granny square should be!

I don’t like sewing a bunch of small granny squares together so I prefer to just keep going with one large granny square blanket. It’s easier that way and you don’t have to sew them or crochet them together.

If you like the granny square pattern you can also create other things including but not limited to the granny square blanket. Granny square sweaters, granny square scarves, granny square everything!

This granny square is done in blue and switches colors. I think if you learn how to switch colors you may want to do a single granny square project yourself as well.

Granny square how to videos are all over the internet but you want to be sure you get one that shows you how to get back to the corner with an invisible slip stitch so you don’t mess up where you are in the process of creating your granny square blanket. It looks easy and is easy once you get the granny square blanket basics down and you know how to crochet. If you don’t know how to do a crochet double stitch, slip stitch or a half double crochet, or chaining you need to learn the basics before you tackle a granny square blanket of your choice.

I hope my video on YouTube at LorisHandyWork help you with the basics of how to do a granny square. I usually use the Red Heart Super Saver Yarn because you can buy it in bulk and it will save you a little bit of money versus buying the smaller skeins of yarn.

I like the durability of the yarn and also that is is machine wash. I am careful to wash my granny square blankets on the gentle cycle setting so that the gaps in the blanket don’t get caught on anything of end up with a sock sticking through it!

Thank you so much for watching LorisHandyWork and please subscribe to my channel because it helps me buy yarn and continue to offer free tips and do free videos for everyone. I really appreciate you watching and I hope to see some of your projects.

Granny squares are fun and using fun colors and creating fun projects that everyone can enjoy gives us all great satisfaction. Don’t worry if you make a mistake with a granny square corner. It’s not rocket science! Just take it apart or start over and just keep creating because it is fun!

I hope you enjoy making a granny square blanket and sharing all your granny square projects online.

Granny squares are an essential part of the crochet language. If you crochet then you’ve probably made a granny square some where along the way or you are making a granny square now watching my video on Youtube at LorisHandyWork.

Thank you so much for the support and for watching my how to for beginners on how to make a granny square and some of the unique things that I do that hopefully make it easier to understand on how to crochet your own granny square blanket! After all, crocheting a granny square blanket should be something that you want to do and can give as a gift to someone for the holidays or anytime of year Granny squares are fun and easy and once you master the art of making.a granny square you most likely will make more granny squares as you continue your crochet crafting experiences. Crocheting is a lost art and more people are starting to crochet again and make things that they can use rather than buying the store bought things. I hope you keep crafting and crocheting and I will see you again online at LorisHandyWork or at my etsy page at LorisHandyWork so have fun crochet crafters. ENJOY and take care! Lori

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