How to Assemble Crochet and Fabric Pillow Covers

How to Assemble Crochet and Fabric Pillow Covers

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Hey Crafters! Here is the follow-up video to my crochet Christmas Tree graph video ( where I show how to take your crochet graph and turn it into a pillow cover! These are super festive, will look great season after season, and are easy to store the rest of the year since it’s just a pillow cover.

One thing I forgot to mention in this video is why I chose to go with a fabric back instead of crocheting a backing. Really, it’s just a matter of preference, but I didn’t want to crochet a back for a few main reasons:
1) Time. While prepping and sewing on the backs is only a little faster than the amount of time it would take me to make and attach a crochet back, my mom helped me assemble these and she doesn’t crochet. So for me, this went a lot faster since I could enlist additional help.
2) Money. The fabric is WAY cheaper for the amount of coverage than buying a skein of yarn. These are fairly large size pillows, and single crochet tends to eat through a lot of yarn. For $13 of fabric, I was able to assemble 8 pillows. If I crocheted the backs (which remember, they’re even bigger than the pillow itself so they can be removable because of the overlap!), let’s conservatively say that would be 6 more skeins of yarn. At $5 a skein, that’s $30 bucks just for the backs! So for me, the fabric back was a no brainer, price-wise.
3) Hand pain. When I single crochet, I tend to tense up a lot because it is a small, repetitive motion (plus, I find this stitch uber tedious 😉 lol). After crocheting the fronts, my hands were hurting. I didn’t want to put additional strain on my hands, so I figured fabric backs would save me some (as in several thousand!) single crochet stitches.

So those are my reasons for using a fabric back, but of course you can make your pillows however you want!

Crochet Graph Patterns & Inspiration:
-Oh Another Craftyish Blog – Red Truck w/ Tree –
-Two Little Birds Patterns – Buffalo Plaid Trees –
-Briana K Desings – Joy –
-Love Crafts – Cozy Christmas Cushion/Present Boxes –

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