How to Crochet a Basic Multicolor Granny Square

How to Crochet a Basic Multicolor Granny Square

Learn how to crochet a basic multi-color granny square in this easy free pattern and tutorial!

One of the best patterns for beginners to try is the classic granny square. You can easily make a few squares here and there when you have spare time, and before long you’ll have enough to make a whole blanket!

I stopped at 3 rounds, but you can easily make your granny square bigger by repeating round 3. You’ll add another cluster on each side for every round, but everything else will stay the same.


▶︎ Yarn: I’m using a worsted weight acrylic yarn:
▶︎ 5 mm Crochet Hook:
▶︎ Scissors:
▶︎ Tapestry needle or yarn needle to weave in your ends

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