How to Crochet Granny Squares Tutorial with Gina Tell

How to Crochet Granny Squares Tutorial with Gina Tell

Hey Y’all!! I am back with a long video and a lotta yarn because we are learning all about beginner crocheting! Start crocheting from the very beginning with some super basic steps.

We will cover:
First 12 minutes I chat about what’s happening around the studio…
Making a Slip Knot – 12:31
Chaining to start out – 13:56
Simple Single Crochet – 15:25
Double Crochet – 24:03
Half Double Crochet – 32:04
At this point I would love for you to do some practicing with those basic steps and then once you are pretty familiar with double crochet you can dive into the last part of this video where we talk about making a Granny Square. If you start a granny square and get frustrated go back to the double crochet and keep practicing, learning has no time limit, just enjoy the experience and comment below if there are some additional things you need – I am happy to help!
Pre-Granny Square Chat – 35:17
Crocheting our first Granny Square – 38:17 – 1:01
Weave in the yarn ends – 1:05

We will talk about blocking your Granny Squares and connecting all of them together to make a pillow in an upcoming video. Stay tuned….

Here are some of the products I used (and love) from this video:
Lori Holt Chunky Thread (yarn) –
Hobbii Yarn –
Lori Holt Crochet Hooks –
Lori Holt Yarn Needles –
Lori Holt Foam Blocking Board –

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