How To Crochet Square Motif--PICOT FLOWER SQUARE MOTIF//Crochet Easy Flower Square Motif

How To Crochet Square Motif–PICOT FLOWER SQUARE MOTIF//Crochet Easy Flower Square Motif

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Square Motifs are the simplest pattern. They are quick to whip up. You can make them in any size with one pattern. Join them and make them into Blankets, Pillow Covers, Placemats, Tablemats, Doilies, Coasters…..the ideas are unlimited.

Materials Used:-

Cotton Knitting Yarn

4mm Crochet Hook

Timestamp – Use it to directly jump to a specific Round.

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0:03 Round 1
0:54 Round 2
2:43 Round 3
4:14 Round 4
6:26 Round 5

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