How to make a multicolor granny square crochet tutorial for beginners/ Granny square multicolor

How to make a multicolor granny square crochet tutorial for beginners/ Granny square multicolor

In this video you will learn how to crochet a simple granny square by using several colors and get some tips on how to hide yarn ends like a pro!
En este video vamos a aprender a tejer un granny square clásico a crochet con hilo de varios colores.

English tutorial
Welcome 🤗 to my Silent Crochet videos.
This video was intentionally made silent, so you could enjoy some quiet time or play your own music while watching it.

Let’s make this classic granny square. You can grow it as large as you’d like just by adding rows. This simple yet powerful granny square can become a blanket, a bag, a cardi…you name it!

Before you start:
You will need to know how to make:
– a double crochet stitch (dc)
– a chain (ch)
– a slip stitch
– and a magic ring

If you have any doubts, I have a separate playlist titled “Crochet for Beginners” with stitch tutorials.

So let’s go!
Corners: 3dc + 3ch + 3dc
Sides: 3dc into 1ch from the previous round + 1ch in between

Instagram: oksana_artesana
00:00 intro
00:25 magic ring / anillo mágico
00:39 1st row / vuelta 1
02:32 hiding magic ring yarn end / escondemos el hilo del anillo mágico
03:30 2nd row / vuelta 2
08:25 hiding 2nd row yarn end / escondemos el hilo de la 2ª vuelta
09:18 3rd row / vuelta 3
14:00 outro
Tutorial en español
Bienvenid@s 🤗 a mi serie de Crochet Silencioso. Este video ha sido hecho sin sonido a propósito para que disfrutes de silencio o pongas tu propia música mientras veas el vídeo.

Vamos a tejer está versión clásica de granny square.
Necesitaríamos saber tejer:
– punto alto (pa)
– cadenitas (cad)
– punto enano
– y hacer el anillo mágico

En caso de dudas, tengo un lista de reproducción at que se titula “Crochet for Beginners” con tutoriales para diferentes puntos de crochet.

La forma de tejer este granny square es muy sencilla:
Esquinas: 3pa + 3cad +3pa
Lados: 3pa en 1cad de la vuelta anterior separados por una cadenita

Instagram: oksana_artesana

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