Last Shelter Master Coordinates

Last Shelter Master Coordinates

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This Last Shelter Survival Guide video explains how to use the map’s X:Y coordinates effectively and get your Alliance on the same page. Ever had trouble lining up Bases? Learn how to fix that here. We also look at using a spreadsheet program to plan layouts with exact coordinates.

Link to shared Google Sheet:

Learn how the Last Shelter game works and where the controls are.

Last Shelter Survival is so much better when you get help with game-play tutorials. Become a master and accelerate your growth!

Last Shelter Survival strategy from this iPad game-play is so much easier for you to watch. Let WarPiglet guide you through this Zombie warfare against other survivors..

These guides are optimized for information and visual instruction without having to watch a video for 20 minutes.

Let’s keep it simple.

Now let me see your War Face!

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