Mathematical Madness.... Crochet Granny Square Top (Tutorial)

Mathematical Madness…. Crochet Granny Square Top (Tutorial)

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Making granny square top is easy but it involves lot of counting. Here I am showing a tutorial of a top with chest 34 inches, top height 27 inches, sleeves length 10 inches.

Make a magic ring and chain 3 ( this will be our first dc), two more dcs and then 2 chains, 3 dc -2ch-3dc-2ch-3dc- chain 2 and slip stitch into first dc
This is our first line ( 4 clusters of 3 dc separated with ch 2)

For granny square top standing rule is to slip stitch into next 2 dcs and go into chain2 space which will be our corner space.

Line 2 :- chain 3 (this will be our first dc), two more dcs , then chain 2 and one more cluster of 3 dcs in the same chain space, chain 1 and hop onto next chain2 space or corner space…….
(4 corners of 3dc 2ch 3dc with one ch in between)

Line 3 :- 4 corners of 3 dc 2 ch 3 dc with ch1-3dc-ch1 in between
Line 4 :- 4 corners of 3 dc 2ch 3dc with ch1-3dc-ch1-3dc-ch1 in between
Line 5 :- 4 corners of 3 dc 2 ch 3 dc with 3x 3dc clusters seperated with ch1

Likewise with each line the in between 3 dc clusters will increase

In this tutorial i have 18 clusters of 3dc in between
Counting 2 corner ch2 spaces it makes total 20 spaces
Make 2 identical granny squares as front and back

Neck / shoulder division
7 spaces for shoulder part 1 – 6 spaces for neckline – 7 spaces for shoulder part 2

Line 1 – ch3 which will be our first dc, 2 dc in the same space , ch1, in next space 3 dc . End with 3 dc in the 7th space ( total 7 clusters of 3 dc)
Line 2 – chain 4 and turn your work, 3 dc in second space and continue pattern, end with ch1 and dc in the last space ( total 5 clusters of 3 dc and 2 ch4 spaces at the ends)
Line 3 – repeat line 1
Line 4 – repeat line 2
Line 5 – repeat line 1 and bind off

Leave 6 spaces in between and start other shoulder portion inward to outward. Means from neck towards shoulder. ( pls see video for help)

Repeat shoulder 5 lines.

Join shoulders with line of SC holding both the pieces together ( reverse sides together)

Open the shoulder joint and count 8 spaces
Line 1 :- In the 9th space join the yarn and ch4, go to next space and cluster of 3 dc, ch1, cluster of 3 dc, for the shoulder joint we will be doing one dc on side A, one dc on the joining sc, one dc on side B, continue the pattern on side B and after 8 spaces of pattern ch1 and dc in 9th space
Line 2 :- continue in pattern

Do as many lines as you need
I have done 18 lines. In line no 19, i have done clusters of 3 dc without ch in between and 20th line is line of hdc.

Height of top:-
17 inches is height of granny square
2 inches is height of shoulder/neck line
I needed total 27 inches so for 8 inches 16 lines in pattern at the bottom of the square.

Swewing is with sc all around.
I have kept side slits for the top upto 4 inches. You can keep as much as you want.

Finishing wish one line of sc around neckline, bottom line and side slits.
Weave in ends neatly to give good finish.

This is amazingly easy project to do with lots of counting involved.

Wish you all do more.
Please feel free to contact me at incase you have any problem in making this.

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