Mosaic Crochet - Multiple of 12 - Part 1 - Beginner Friendly Crochet Tutorial Pattern #9

Mosaic Crochet – Multiple of 12 – Part 1 – Beginner Friendly Crochet Tutorial Pattern #9

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Row 1: 09:00
Row 2: 14:45
Row 3 Mosaic Starts: 18:26
Row 4: 31:50
Row 5: 38:10
Row 6: 44:25
Row 7: 47:24
Row 8: 50:05
Row 9: 55:00

Welcome to Mosaic Monday!
In this tutorial I will teach you how to crochet this eye catching Mosaic design. This pattern is worked in a NEW MULTIPLE and is not Part of the Crochet Along (CAL).

The chart for this is in my Etsy shop which you can find here:

You DO NOT need the chart to do this tutorial, every row is shown in the tutorial. The chart is only available for those who wish to purchase it instead of following the tutorial here on YouTube. The file contains both the single repeat taught here in this video and the additional repeats for those who want to continue for multiple repeats of the pattern. I WILL teach the multiple repeats in next weeks tutorial. Ravelry no longer accepts chart only uploads so unfortunately I can only utilize my Etsy shop at this time.

Mosaic crochet is great for all skill levels and can be used to create many different things such as blankets, pillows, purses/bags, totes and garments. You can crochet these patterns in any combination you would like or just choose one and make and entire project with the same design. The result will be an eye catching, geometric design that is unisex and versatile.

HOOK SIZE: I am using a 4mm hook in this tutorial. I recommend using the below hook sizes depending on yarn used:
3 DK yarn : 3.5mm to 4mm
Size 4 Medium/worsted weight: 5mm to 5.5mm.
Mixing 3 & 4 weight: 4mm to 4.5mm

THE YARN: I’m using size 3 & 4. THE TRICK TO MIXING YARN SIZES IS JUST KEEPING YOUR TENSION EVEN AND USING THE SMALLEST SIZE HOOK RECOMMENDED FOR THE SMALLER YARN! You can use any yarn size you like and can use yarn that is all the same size, you do not have to mix yarn sizes.

To begin your project you will chain in multiples of 12 plus 4 at the end. You will skip the first chain and begin working in the second chain from the hook, ending up with an odd number of stitches. EXAMPLE: I chained 28 and had 27 stitches at the end of my first Foundation Row.

Stitches used in this project: Back Loop Single Crochet and Front Loop Double Crochet (drop down double crochet as I like to call it).

Please use #fiberfoxstudios when posting pictures of your work so I can see!

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