Shorts | Crochet Granny Square Tunic | Part 5! It is done!

Shorts | Crochet Granny Square Tunic | Part 5! It is done!

otakulandia crochet

#shorts #crochet #grannysquares #crochetdress #crochettunic #tunic I am creating / freestyling a granny square tunic – might look like a crochet dress when I’m done!
I’ve chosen the yarn in Part 1.
In Part 2, I created the crochet squares.
In Part 3 I show you how I connected the front panel of squares (and the back).
Now in Part 4 you see how it has been connected and I need to work out to the left and right to ‘build’ the dress. Then we still need to put the part at the bottom to get it longer than the dress.

I will keep you updated as I proceed. It will become a full tutorial eventually/free pattern.

(Here is the link to Part 1
(Here is the link to Part 2
(Here is the link to Part 3
(Here is the link to Part 4

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The yarn I specifically show here is Vinnis Colours, the Bambi range, 70% organic Cotton, 30% Bamboo. It is super absorbant. It is a DK Light worsted. 88m per 50g cake (96yd per 1.75oz cake). Made in South Africa. Their email is if you wanted to contact them. I love this yarn. I’ve been using it for many years and it is value for money.
Crochet hook size is a 4.5mm hook, although the recommended hook is 4mm. I use a bigger hook for more drape.

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